How to properly store CBD

How to properly store CBD

17 August | Daniel Hollyman

How to properly store CBD

As a cannabidiol user, you might be wondering how to store CBD oil. Like all natural remedies, it can degrade over time if not properly stored. Good storage ensures your CBD remains as potent as the first day of use and keeps providing the best experience. Discover our tips to store CBD effectively in this handy guide.

The 3 rules of proper CBD storage

So, how do you store CBD? Remember these three easy principles to keep your CBD safely stored, no matter the type of product you’re using.

1) Protect your CBD from light

Light can contribute to the breakdown of cannabidiol. Treat your CBD like you would treat a pack of (delicious) biscuits. Keep it away from sunlight in a cupboard or a drawer. You can also store it in the fridge – but more on that later.

Protect CBD from the light

2) Keep it airtight

Oxygen can accelerate the deterioration of CBD, which is why we recommend storing it in a safely closed box. Putting it in an airtight container such as a Tupperware box is even better if you want to save it for even longer. At Cali Greens, we always design the packaging of our products with longevity in mind. All our products come in high-quality, safely closed packaging to keep your CBD as potent as it was on the first day.

3) Stay chilled

CBD might help you stay chilled – but you need to keep it chilled too! We recommend storing your CBD in a cool place, preferably under 20°C. Keeping it in the fridge is ideal to better protect your CBD and save it for longer. CBD oil might separate in the fridge, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be effective – you just have to shake it well before use.

Keep CBD chilled in the fridge

How long can I store CBD for?

As a natural product, CBD does expire. Properly stored, however, CBD oil should last around six months. After that, it might start losing its potency and the benefits won’t be as strong. While the expiration date remains a good indication of your CBD product’s shelf life, the following signs might mean your CBD has gone bad:

●  It smells rancid: if your CBD product starts smelling really bad, it’s time to bin it.
●  Its texture or colour changes: if it doesn’t revert back to its normal colour and texture after being shaken or left for a few minutes at room temperature, it has probably reached the end of its life.
●  It tastes off: non-flavoured CBD should taste earthy, but if it starts entering the “disgusting” realm, you should throw it away.

Here at Cali Greens, we extract our CBD from legally grown, sustainable hemp farms in Colorado, USA, and we test and record every batch we produce to offer you the highest quality of CBD. Always check the directions of use and the expiration date on the pack to make sure you make the most of your Cali Greens products, from CBD oil to e-liquids.

Now you know more about how to store CBD oil and other products, learn more about our range here.