CBD and Sustainability

Is CBD sustainable?

27 August | Daniel Hollyman

Is CBD sustainable?

CBD is an active compound naturally found in the cannabis plant. Is CBD sustainable though? Learn more about sustainability in the CBD industry in this article.

First, where does CBD come from?

To better understand the environmental footprint of cannabis, it’s important to understand where it comes from – the cannabis plant. Hemp is a type of cannabis that’s high in CBD and very low in THC (the psychoactive compound that gets you high in recreational cannabis), which makes it the number one cannabis plant grown to produce CBD. It’s cultivated in many countries including China, India and the United States. You can read more about where CBD comes from here.

CBD and sustainability

Agriculture is part of the largest contributors to climate change, and hemp is not immune. CBD is also expensive to produce, as it represents only a small part of the hemp plant.

However, thanks to its versatility and resilience, hemp remains a relatively low-maintenance plant to grow. It’s usually grown outdoors and can resist low temperatures, which means heating is not necessarily a major factor in its energy consumption, if at all. When it comes to water, hemp uses 50% less water than cotton. In small farms, its water needs are usually met by collecting rainwater. It’s also quite resistant to most pests, which makes pesticides less “necessary” than for other plants. Finally, because all the parts of the plant are used for different purposes, from CBD to clothing, hemp production can be almost zero waste.

The main threat to the environment comes from bigger, industrial-sized hemp farms. With the pressure of mass production come new risks for the planet, including the use of chemical fertilizers. Packaging can also be an issue, with the use of single-use plastic packaging instead of recyclable materials. Fortunately, some cannabis producers are committing to more responsible practices to shape the future of the industry and reduce its environmental footprint, from farming to packaging.

How to make sure your CBD is eco-friendly

Look out for eco-friendly CBD products sourced from sustainably grown cannabis. To make sure your CBD is produced in a green way, you need to be an informed customer. Check product labels and read about the brand from which you’re purchasing your CBD to learn more about how the hemp used to produce it was grown.

Is Cali Greens CBD sustainable?

Here at Cali Greens, we’re committed to sustainability. Our CBD is extracted from legally-grown, sustainable hemp farms in Colorado, USA. To offer the best quality eco-friendly CBD, we also test and record every batch we produce.

Now you know more about sustainable CBD, discover our range of eco-friendly CBD products here.