Where can you buy CBD oil?

Where can you buy CBD oil?

03 March | Daniel Hollyman

Where can you buy CBD oil? (Image)

What exactly is CBD oil?

CBD oil (also known as cannabidiol) is a natural extract made from the hemp plant, which contains high amounts of active, therapeutic cannabinoids. This is not to be confused with hemp oil used in food and beauty products, which is made from the seeds of the same plant. CBD oil is non- psychoactive meaning it cannot ‘get you high’, as the UK government only issues licences for hemp plant cultivation from approved seed types with a THC content less than 0.2%. The extract is then used to make CBD-infused products such as CBD Drops and CBD Vape.

What are the benefits of CBD oil?

As CBD is only just beginning to be taken seriously in the health industry, there are currently very few conclusive scientific studies on its benefits. However, CBD is believed to have significant properties and has been traditionally used for hundreds of years. The World Health Organisation claims that CBD oil is generally well tolerated with a good safety profile. Unfortunately, due to regulations, we can’t tell you about all the great benefits of CBD, but you can find out for yourself.

Where can I buy CBD oil?

You can buy CBD Oil in the UK legally, provided the manufacturer meets the expected regulatory standards of undetectable levels of THC and zero dangerous contaminants. There are many high-street brands and online retailers that stock high-quality CBD products in a variety of strengths and complimentary flavours. Holland and Barrett and Boots both have wide-ranging CBD selections to choose from. We also recommend having a look at online retailers such as Grass & Co and Cali Greens who offer unique flavour selections and award-winning, sustainably sourced CBD at affordable prices.

How do I use the CBD oil I buy?

CBD oil is easy to use and hassle-free. CBD drops are designed to be taken orally, and for best results, you can place a few drops under your tongue for 2 minutes to increase the absorption rate. The formulas can contain varying amounts of CBD per ml and per bottle. Always check the dosing information in the product description and on the packaging before using new CBD oils. These oils are best taken sublingually. This administration method involves placing your selected amount of cannabidiol oil under the tongue for sixty to ninety seconds before swallowing.

We are here help guide you through the world of cannabidiol and answer some of the most common questions. Learn more about the origins of CBD, our dosage recommendations, and which products are best for you, all in one place. It’s time to discover Cali Greens. For our complete CBD guide, click here.