What is CBD Vape Oil? (Image)

What is CBD Vape Oil?

12 March | Daniel Hollyman

What is CBD Vape Oil? (Image)

What is CBD?

CBD stands for Cannabidiol. A natural extract of the Hemp plant that is perfectly legal, non- psychoactive and provides many benefits. At Cali Greens, we use premium quality CBD extract to bring you a unique product range crafted for a blissful, everyday experience.

Cannabidiol is known for its effective properties and has been growing in popularity in recent years. CBD can be infused into a variety of products including vape juice, edibles, CBD oil tinctures, capsules and creams.

What is CBD Vape Oil?

CBD made for vaping is sometimes referred to as ‘CBD vape oil’, but it doesn’t contain any actual oil. A more appropriate name for it is CBD vape juice. It’s generally made with food grade ingredients, so they can also be taken orally, but are very different from oil-based tinctures. Look carefully at the ingredients. If it contains anything other than PG, VG, CBD extract, terpenes and cannabinoids, then it’s most likely unsuitable for inhalation. Don’t take the risk. It should say something about vaping, vape juice, e-liquid or e-juice on the label and should not contain any actual oil.

Where can I buy CBD Vape Oil?

At Cali Greens, we have combined smooth vaping and Hemp CBD to create an award- winning CBD-infused e-liquid range. Our CBD Vape e-liquids are designed to be vaporised by an e-cigarette device, allowing CBD to be absorbed into your lungs with maximum bioavailability.

Cali Greens’ unique range of skincare products, drops and vapes give you flexibility and peace of mind. We pride ourselves on helping you live life to the fullest by supporting a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Should I choose a CBD E-liquid with Terpenes?

Terpenes are organic oily compounds that are produced by most plants, not just cannabis. As well as giving each strain of cannabis its unique scent and flavour, terpenes also add to the effect of cannabinoids and can aid in the medicinal benefits of cannabis.

The entourage effect occurs when the many natural compounds of a plant interact together within the human body to produce a stronger impact than any single compound used in isolation. Check out our CBD Terpenes range here.