What Does CBD Taste Like? Terpenes & Flavour

What Does CBD Taste Like? Terpenes & Flavour

Does CBD taste nice?

16 June 2022 | Hannah Rubery

What Does CBD Taste Like? Terpenes & Flavour (image)

Many who have never tried CBD, but are curious about it, often wonder what it tastes like. What does CBD taste like? And, you might not be surprised to know, that CBD in its purest form is not particularly that nice! Now there are many people who don’t mind the earthy, botanical taste of original CBD, but it’s very much a love/hate relationship with people. Are you team love or hate when it comes to coriander? Then you know what we mean.

Why does CBD taste like that?

It’s easy to forget that CBD oil comes from a plant, so it’s no real surprise that there’s that ‘natural’ taste of Mother Nature imbued into it. But the main reason it holds such a strong, herby taste, is actually due to the terpenes. The strong, somewhat bitter taste associated with terpenes is an evolutionary function that the hemp plants developed to repel insects and other natural predators.

Even terpenes can have their own flavour profile depending on the strain of cannabis plants. But in CBD these terpenes are often replicated to create flavours based on the strains from other plants.

What are terpenes used for with CBD?

You may have already heard of terpenes before if you’re a CBD regular. Terpenes are another compound that can be found in the hemp plant and serves to work alongside CBD and THC to enhance their effects. In the UK, THC is illegal so all CBD products must have no more than 0.2% of THC (as a very small amount is still likely to remain after processing). Because of this process, we can often lose the terpenes when the CBD is distilled to create CBD Isolate. This can remove some of the classic CBD smells and tastes but also could potentially lessen the CBD effects.

For this reason, during the distilling process of our CBD here at Cali Greens, we go the extra step to re-add the missing terpenes. We understand the importance of terpenes and how they work to benefit CBD.

How brands make CBD taste great

Many people aren’t much of a fan of traditional CBD oil tastes, which is why CBD brands started to create flavoured versions. CBD oil often features a carrier oil which can influence the flavour among other ingredients such as stevia for sweetness like our own CBD oil.

But generally, CBD oil that has been designed to be taken sublingually is usually flavoured with other aromas to create more of a pleasant taste. These are carefully designed to co-ordinate with the terpenes and either feature fruity flavours or complex flavours that imitate cannabis strains.

And this isn’t just limited to CBD Oil, CBD vapes also benefit from flavourings to create better tasting CBD experiences.

CBD oil flavours (image)

CBD flavours you can enjoy with Cali Greens

Our choice flavours for CBD Oil are tailored to suit everyone’s tastes.

Refresh and revitalise with our Peppermint oral CBD drops. Peppermint is a popular flavour with many for its refreshing, minty taste with a hint of sweetness. It also has a cooling taste that makes it great for a morning.

Naturally crisp with fruity tones, feel ready for anything with our Pomegranate oral CBD drops. This fruity flavour adds a juicy tartness that turns CBD into a pleasant treat.

Orange & Mango
Feel balanced with the perfectly fresh flavours of zingy orange and mellow mango. This sweet treat really brings together citrus and soft fruit.