How to Create the Perfect CBD Bath Routine

How to Create the Perfect CBD Bath Routine

Make your bath time an indulgent treat with CBD

8 June 2022 | Hannah Rubery

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What is a CBD bath bomb?

You are probably wondering what makes a CBD bath bomb different from a normal bath bomb? Bath bombs are naturally a great way to relax while bathing, giving you a luxurious soaking experience that treats all the senses. A CBD bath bomb is all this and more with the added benefits of CBD. These are infused with CBD alongside beneficial essential oils that offer a variety of effects.

How to create the best CBD bath routine

The key to creating the perfect CBD bath routine is taking every step into consideration. Some might think that it begins when you first step into your bath and ends when you get out, but there’s more involved for a true pamper session.

Things to do before

The pampering begins earlier than expected if you’re wanting to make this a pamper session. You might have had a long day at work, a heated workout session, or perhaps you just feel the need for a bit of tranquillity. Whatever your reason, it’s nothing a good soak can’t settle! So to start off your bath routine, there are several things you need to do first.

1. Make sure you’re going to have some alone-time
This can be a bit tricky for those with children, or even needy pets, but is certainly worthwhile. Nothing will ruin the mood and your relaxation than someone banging on the bathroom door demanding attention.

2. Get yourself a brew or your favourite tipple
It’s time for a treat and that could be a mug of your favourite tea (fruit teas and chamomile teas are the best if you’re having an evening bath) or a glass of wine etc. There’s nothing quite like soaking away your worries whilst enjoying a brew or sipping your evening tipple.

3. Prepare, prepare, prepare.
The last thing you want is to slip into your lovely bath and realise you’ve forgotten something. Make sure you’ve got something soft for your head like a towel. Grab your phone/laptop/tablet and get it set up somewhere safely away from the water, so you can listen to your favourite podcast or relaxing music. Who doesn’t love candles? Nothing says ‘luxurious pampering’ than candles so get a few lit up about your bathroom – just make sure that they’re in safe spots and once your bath is finished, you extinguish them completely.

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During your relaxing time

No luxurious bath is complete without a bath bomb. They’re pleasing to watch as they fizz away into the water, release glorious scents that will begin to unwind you, plus infuse the bath water with essential oils. In this case, we’re also adding a touch of CBD. CBD bath bombs work just like normal bath bombs but with the added benefits of CBD.

Once your bath has been run simply drop your CBD bath bomb into the water and watch as it diffuses. Not only will the essential oils and CBD moisturise your skin, but the warm water helps to open your pores, increasing your absorption of the CBD.

Go the extra mile and add a face mask to your bath routine. Choose from making a CBD face mask with some common ingredients you can find at home, or your favourite beauty face mask. This means even your face can enjoy some hydration whilst the rest of you soaks.

Things to do afterwards

When you’ve finished soaking, the pampering doesn’t end there. Indulge yourself in the complete CBD package by finishing up with CBD lotions. Once dry, gently rub CBD lotion to your skin not only helps to seal in all the hydration you’ve just experienced but continues the CBD benefits. This is great for when you’re unwinding before bed as the whole routine can easily get you relaxed for a good night’s sleep.

Top off your indulgent bath routine with either a couple of CBD oil drops under your tongue or add them to your drink for a final CBD kick. You’ll notice the difference after your dedicated ‘me’ time and will be already scheduling your next one!

If you want to try CBD Bath Bombs for the first time, you can try our Cali Greens CBD Bath Bomb. It contains 350mg of CBD, one of the highest Bath Bomb strengths on the market, alongside clarifying Tea Tree and soothing Eucalyptus oils.

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Most asked questions about CBD Baths

How long should you sit in a CBD bath?

Usually, if your fingers and toes are starting to get wrinkly, then it’s time to get out of the bath. It suggests you’ve had prolonged contact with the water and your skin is no longer happy about it.

What does CBD do in a bath?

CBD works in various ways but it helps complement the essential oils present in the Bath Bomb. Due to its chemistry, the small molecules of CBD can work even better than many other oils to penetrate the skin, locking in more moisture and helping to hydrate your skin.

What are the benefits of a bath bomb?

Bath Bombs have multiple benefits from calming and soothing the senses with pleasant smells and feelings, to purifying and moisturising your body. Nothing soothes the mind and soul quite like soaking away in a bath, and bath bombs help this along.

Do bath bombs actually clean you?

Most bath bombs are not only therapeutic but include cleansing products that help remove dirt and excess oil from your skin. This makes them great for detoxifying and cleansing your skin but if you want to ensure you’re squeaky clean first, then pop in a quick shower beforehand before you soak.

How often should I use a bath bomb?

Every once in a while is plenty enough. You might be tempted to do it every day but after a while, it may no longer feel quite as indulgent. Keep it as a treat for yourself once in a while and you’ll thank yourself for it later.