What is CBD? An Introduction to the phenomenon

What is CBD? An Introduction to the phenomenon

26 October | Hannah Rubery

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What is CBD?

Also known as Cannabidiol, CBD is found in the cannabis plant and unlike THC (another product of the cannabis plant), it has no psychoactive effect. In other words, CBD won’t get you high! Check out our post for more on what the difference between CBD and THC is.

Due to a boom in popularity over lockdown, CBD has hit the markets and can be found in a wide range of products. As of 2019 it is estimated that 1.3m people were using CBD oil in some form in the UK. With the stresses of lockdown, it’s no wonder people were looking for ways to relax.

How does CBD work?

Interestingly, the reason why CBD is seen as safe for human use, is due to how very similar it is to chemicals already in our bodies. These are known as endocannabinoids which make up part of a network of chemicals and receptors known as the endocannabinoid system. Essentially, CBD is suggested by those who take it, to help create balance in the body. Many people have suggested that CBD helps them relax and creates a calming sensation, and promotes a well-balanced lifestyle.

Is it legal?

In the UK and Europe (bar Slovakia), CBD is legal to use so long as it contains no more than 0.2% THC. Generally in these countries it is deemed as a ‘novel food’ that is applied to consumables with no prior established history. Due to the World Health Organisation (WHO) classifying CBD as generally well tolerated with a good safety profile, CBD is currently sold in most EU companies.

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Is it safe?

It’s certainly a question many new to CBD ask. CBD itself is generally safe and FDA approved, due to it mostly being available as a supplement. CBD products may interfere with some medications, we therefore advise you to talk to your doctor before use.

Making sure your CBD products are safe is however another matter.

How to know which CBD brands you can trust

Some CBD products are being sold that don’t contain the advertised quantities of CBD. Ensuring your CBD brand employs strict quality control is key. Reputable brands have overwhelmingly positive and professional reviews. These brands also test their products with credible ISO labs that make the results public or at least, provide them upon request.

At Cali Greens we test and record the results of every batch of CBD products, tested locally in accredited ISO labs, find our product test results here.

How do you take CBD?

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CBD vapes are a great way to use CBD as it offers one of the fastest absorption rates of CBD. There are also a variety of alternatives for those who don’t vape from creams and balms, oral tinctures, CBD capsules, CBD edibles and more. It’s important to note though that while CBD E-Liquid is safe to vape as it’s made with food-grade ingredients, CBD oil itself is not suitable for vaping!

Some users have suggested taking some before bed or first thing on a monring. Sublingual drops are a great method for taking CBD by simply popping a drop under your tongue and allowing it to absorb through the blood vessels there for 90 seconds.

CBD Creams and balms are a perfect way to introduce CBD into your wellness routine, from facial scrubs to muscle rubs and moisturising lotions. These absorb through the skin giving you a slower release of CBD that lasts longer, helping your skin and body feel refreshed.

Edibles are one of the most common methods of taking CBD due to their ease of use and the variety of edibles available. With sweet gummies, protein bars and even coffee, there’s something for everyone’s tastes.

There is always more to discuss around CBD from education to usage and the benefits of CBD. Make sure to keep posted with our blog for more interesting articles and to keep in the know on all things CBD.