Day in the Life with CBD Vape – What’s it Like to Vape CBD?

Day in the Life with CBD Vape – What’s it Like to Vape CBD?

We spoke with one of our users of CBD Vape to find out more

16 May 2022 | Hannah Rubery

Day in the life with CBD Vape (image)

Sometimes it’s easier to understand something new when it comes from the horse’s mouth. What better way to learn about CBD than from someone who has used it before? We sat down with one of our users of Cali Greens CBD vapes to find out what it felt like to use CBD, what they thought about CBD and how their day differed while using CBD.

It's important to note that CBD is not medically acknowledged, and any views expressed in this article, are merely the interviewee’s personal views. Cali Greens CBD products are supplementary, cosmetic or vape products, and we do not claim any medical benefits.

Were there any preconceptions about CBD beforehand?

I was quite open to it, to be honest. I first became aware of CBD when it was recommended by our vets due to our dog having epilepsy. This was extremely early days for CBD and was barely, if at all, seen on shelves like it is nowadays. I think this helped open my eyes with the product as it was quite effective at helping reduce his seizures.

Did you think CBD was a fad product?

Originally no, as the first mentions of it becoming public were around the medical cases such as Charlie Hughes. But I think as it’s gone on, it’s definitely entered that realm. There are a lot of pointless CBD products entering the market now – people will put it in anything in the hopes of flogging it! It’s quite harmful to CBD as a whole, as certain products such as sublingual drops and vapes are genuinely quite effective for the right person.

Whereas products like CBD lipstick are less so and could bring a bad rep to CBD if someone was using it in the hopes of some sort of miracle effects. And when it doesn’t work, completely righting off all CBD products as if they’re equal.

What are your thoughts on vaping?

Love it. I’m extremely pro-vaping when it comes to harm reduction. It’s by far the most effective method of quitting smoking than all the others combined. Vaping CBD is the fastest and most effective way of getting CBD into your system, so they go hand in hand nicely.

There’s also a nice crossover of some cases of people vaping CBD to quit smoking, instead of using nicotine, although few and far between them. Who knows maybe it just needs more people to try it?

CBD vape (image)

What CBD products do you use and why?

I’ve tried a few CBD products, but CBD vapes have been the ones that have stuck really. Ease of use is a big thing and it’s a lot easier to carry a disposable CBD vape in your pocket for a quick top-up. Much easier than carrying a bottle of sublingual drops around!

What were your initial first impressions of CBD vape after trying it?

I really enjoyed it. I started using CBD in the hopes that it could possibly help counter anxiety, as my mental health heavily dwindled a few years ago. Me, personally, the effects were perfect for me. It was almost like the CBD let me feel lighter and I noticed certain ticks I wouldn’t normally notice, stop. Like my shoulders being tense, my jaw being clenched, my constant foot tapping – all stopped*. It was definitely a pleasant surprise.

What was your first day of using CBD like?

Genuinely a good day, I think there’s definitely a point of diminishing returns when it comes to CBD though, like the effects from the first time of use to after a while of use, differ. And I think if you overdo it you end up feeling nothing from CBD so it’s a fine balance like all things really. Those who haven’t tried CBD can sometimes think it’s some sort of miracle substance when it comes to pain relief and anxiety, but for the most part it’s not, that’s why in the UK it’s not a legalised medication just a supplement.

I have one strongly fond memory of CBD that I can still recall. I was driving home after a particularly stressful day in the office. With the day’s stresses and issues weighing on me, my mind was going over and over things worrying about this and that, and how we were going to get things done – we’ve all had those days! I took out my CBD disposable and had a few puffs; didn’t even think about it too much at the time. But after a few minutes I remember driving down the motorway and just a smile creeping onto my face.
Driving with CBD (image)
It was as if my worries just started to float off me and I was reassuring my brain that it’s all okay, that I can do this. Such a strange phenomenon to be sat smiling to yourself on your own but it was oddly wholesome. It turned my darkening evening into a positive and optimistic one.

Did anything change over the following days?

My opinions on CBD haven’t changed but I will reiterate though that I don’t think the product works for everyone. And it’s certainly not the miracle product that some people think it might be. But I do think it could be an effective assistant for some. It helped me through a rough time and in some respect, I think the idea that I had something that could potentially help me, possibly created a bit of a placebo effect which still helped me combat some tough days.

How often did you use CBD vape and what was the strength?

I used it daily, usually around an hour or a couple of hours a day. Just a couple of puffs are all you need really to get through. I used 6% strength CBD disposables, in particular the Cali Greens Amnesia Mango – a thoroughly enjoyable flavour.

Would you recommend CBD vape?

As I mentioned before, I don’t think CBD works for everyone, it’s totally up to the user. You can’t go in with any preconceptions, only try it yourself to find out.

*It is important to note that CBD experiences vary person to person, and those expressed in this article may not be seen by others. Cali Greens does not claim any of these benefits that have not yet been acknowledge by scientific studies and the FDA.