How much CBD should you take?

CBD dosage: How much CBD should you take?

02 February | Daniel Hollyman

How much CBD should you take? (Image)

Thinking of trying out CBD? To enjoy the best effects, you need to find the perfect CBD dosage for you. The optimal CBD dose will vary depending on your needs and profile. Check out our handy guide to CBD dosage to calculate your ideal intake, from how much CBD oil to vape based on your specific needs to how much is too much CBD oil.

Finding the best CBD dosage for you

The perfect dosage for you will vary, depending on internal and external factors. Its effectiveness will also depend on elements such as body chemistry and the specific CBD product you’re using. To find out how much CBD to vape or intake for best results, you should take into account the following variables:
● Age
● Weight
● Body chemistry
● Potency of the product
● Symptoms you’re addressing

If you’re taking cannabidiol for the first time, you might feel slightly dizzy. This is relatively common for beginners, so we advise starting off at a lower amount and increasing the dosage of CBD oil progressively if needed.

Calculating CBD Dosage

How to calculate CBD dosage

The potency of your CBD product will affect your intake, so it’s essential to check out CBD concentration to make sure you know how much CBD oil to vape or intake to achieve your desired effect.

E-liquid CBD dosage

We recommend e-liquids offering a 3% to 6% CBD concentration. With CBD e-liquids, the absorption rate is higher than other types of CBD products, so we advise starting with a 3% concentration before moving on to higher levels.

CBD oil dosage

CBD oil drops are typically available in 5% to 10% CBD concentration. We recommend using 3 to 4 drops (5% concentration) up to twice a day, or 1 to 2 drops (10% concentration) up to twice a day.

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